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We are looking forward to celebrating your successes in our challenges by featuring your photos/videos on this website/on our YouTube channel and through our social media channels. 

In order for us to do so, please complete the consent form and send this in with a photo/video showing you completing/working on the challenge(s). We are unable to use photos/videos without a completed consent form. 

Please ensure you have consent from everyone featured in the submitted photo/video. For under 13s, the consent form must be completed by a parent/guardian. 

When assessing the suitability of a photo/video, please do consider the following points:

1. Your photo/video will be shared on this site/on our YouTube channel, and may also feature on social media, so be sure you have the consent of all who feature in the picture to share their image/filmed content. For those under 13 years of age, consent must be given by a parent/guardian. 

2. Ensure you have good lighting for your photo/video. 

3. Avoid having personal items in the background that may identify you or your location (unless you have given us this information to share).

4. For photos, please ensure you provide a high quality image, ideally at least 1000 pixels in height and width. 

Please include the following in your email:

1. A completed consent form.

2. The name of the challenge (e.g. Power UP!).

3. The first names of those featured in the photo/video (if consent has been given for these to be listed). Please note, we will not feature first names unless it is clear that consent has been given. 

4. The name of your school/community group, if applicable. We would like to include this name on our website/YouTube channel, and in our social media. Please let us know if we can and include any of your social media handles you would like us to use. 


Completed consent forms and a photo(s)/video(s) of you/your group completing/working on our challenges/joining in with our events should be sent to rsc.wic@gmail.com

Please note that we are unable to feature photos/videos which are not accompanied by a completed consent form. 

A great short video reflecting on Science from one of our challenge participants, Hana.